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-Special prices for groups of children, schools, ikastolas, associations, etc.
-Ask for prices for mountain clubs, hiking...
-It is open all year long. 
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 Hostel located in the Navarre Pyrenees, in the locality of Isaba, Pyrenean villa, crown of the defensive tower of its Gothic church. Isaba is a lively village, above all in summer and weekends, with excursions to the valleys of Belagua and Belabarce.
The hostel has 52 places distributed in six bedrooms of bunk beds: two bedrooms of 8 places, one bedroom of 7 places, two bedrooms of 19 places and a bedroom of 5 places. 

- 3 bedrooms of 8 places
-1 bedroom of 12 places
-1 bedroom of 10 places
-1 bedroom of 5 places
-Common bathrooms (8 showers, sinks, etc) with hot water.
-Central heating
-Free kitchen. Possibility of cooking. Microwave, sink, fire, etc.
-We keep the ski and the bikes with key.
-Living room, television, table games, etc.
-Restaurant service
-It is opened all year long.
-French, Basque and English is spoken.
-VISA cards are accepted. 
KIND: Albergue CAPACITY: 47 RENTAL: Bedrooms / Bedrooms


Indoor kit

Balcony, Heating, DVD/video, Internet, Restaurant, Playroom, Meeting room, Credit card, TV in living room, WIFI

Outdoor kit

Good views

Services in the area

Bus0.1 kmCash machine0.1 km
Health Center0.1 kmSki station21.0 km
Chemist´s0.1 kmPetrol station4.0 km
Equestrian sports55.0 kmSwimming pool0.1 km
Restaurant0.0 kmSupermarket0.1 km
Taxi26.0 km

Free kitchen


Selva del Irati
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En Lumbier, 5 de enero de 2022
La noche del 5 de enero se repite, desde tiempo inmemorial, la costumbre de arrastrar " Los Calderos" (botes de lata) por todas las calles de la localidad, produciendo un estrepitoso ruido que anuncia...
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It is the biggest municipality of the Valley of Roncal, watered by the river Esca and with a border step to France. Pine, oak and beach forest. Four dolmens. Gothic parish from XVI century with good altarpiece and Baroque organ. Typical dance of “Thun thun”. Narrow and paving streets. Have a look the fountain Uturrotx and the House of the Memory of Isaba. Access to ski tracks and hiking.


* El pueblo de Burgui, con su festividad anual en el mes de mayo de la bajada de la Almadía
* Roncal Valley.
* Mausoleum Julian Gayarre
* Belagua Valley.
* Ori peak .
* Our Lady of Muskilda.
* The Foz Arbaiun
* Gorges Kakuetta (France).
* Echo Valley.
* Anso Valley, Forest Zuriza (Huesca)
* Valley of Salazar and Irati.
* Valley Belagoa and Larra port, where the Sima de San Martin is.
* Roncal, with Gayarre Mausoleum and the Center for the Interpretation of Nature.
* Larrau Valley with Cacuhette Grottoes and the Hanging Bridge 50 m. high in the French Pyrenees
* The village of Burgui, with its annual festival in May of lower Rafters


Skiing in winter and mountaineering all year long, apart from a wide variety of places to other sports such as fishing, horseback riding, bicycles, hiking etc ...

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